Evans Turf Supplies Ltd

Evans Turf Supplies Ltd was established in 1996, bringing together a team with over 25 years of experience in the sports turf industry, to supply and support the professional turf market with seed, chemical and fertiliser.

With the dynamic nature of the turf market ETS has always taken an innovative approach to the product it delivers, with a significant emphasis on technical expertise and new product technology.

Through this professional approach and uncompromising attitude towards integrity in product and service, ETS develops strong and enduring relationships with supplier companies.  This is important to ensure consistent quality and supply.  A key relationship is with Simplot a world leader in turf products development and manufacturing. 

Through Simplot ETS brings you the highly regarded Best range of granular and soluble fertilisers along with the Simplot range of liquids.

To complement the very strong Simplot range ETS has developed the GTi brand, bringing together a range of products.  

GTi Innovation through bringing together international technologies and local knowledge delivering products targeted specifically to the unique NZ conditions. 

As demand for more and improved sports turf continues to grow, Evans Turf Supplies sees a bright future for continued technology improvement and are at the leading edge of bringing these new technologies to turf managers.