Sports Fields and Fairways

The popular Accuturf range of fertilisers are designed for New Zealand conditions.  Accuturf includes both controlled release and standard release technology using consistently matched granules for even distribution and performance.


Range of standard and slow release fertilisers featuring 100sgn, 150sgn and 200sgn products


High-Quality Water Soluble Foliar fertiliser for use anywhere a foliar fertiliser application is desirable.


  BEST Fertilisers

Controlled Release: Standard and Greens Grade granule.
Methylene Urea
Slow Release: Greens grade
Homogeneous Homogeneous Standard release: Regular, Mini and Greens grade granules

Simplot Fertilisers

Simplot Liquids Complete Liquids Range 
Compatibility Simplot Compatibility Charts

Other Fertilisers

Specialist Fertilisers Evans Turf prides itself in bringing technologies to the market that are cost effective and relevant to the sports turf needs of New Zealand.
Other Fertiliser Other Speciality Fertiliser

Useful Info

Soil Amendments Maximum rates of soil amendments recommended for a single application to established turf.