Reliable N-P-K delivery, balanced secondary elements andmicronutrients, predictable response and consistent results are what you will see every time you apply BEST® Fertilisers.

Research has shown that the maximum influence of nitrogen occurswhen the nitrogen and phosphate are intimately associated together through a process known as positive nutrient interaction. Inside of every BEST® homogeneous pellet, there is a positive interaction between nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur in increasing the availability and efficiency of each of these important nutrients.

Homogeneous: Homogeneous Fertilisers

Product Analysis Rate Per100m2 Comment TechSheet
Micro Green 5 5-7-18 +Fe 2.5kg Micro size Homogenous pellet suitable for renovation or where low N is a requirement. Here
Micro Green 10 10-1-13 + 3% Fe 2.5kg Micro size Homogeneous pellet for use on lowcut turf. Here
Micro Green 15 15-2-6 + Fe 2.5kg Micro size Homogeneous pellet for use on low cut turf. Here

Best Phos



Micro Homogeneous pellet.  Great source of immediately available phosphorous. Very soluble.

9 Iron 9-4-7 + 9%Fe 2.5kg An all purpose mini-sized homogeneous fertiliser Here
Nitrex 20-0-2+5%Fe 1.2-2.4kg Standard size Homogeneous prills for general fertilising. Here
Mini Turf 16-3-6 + Fe 2.5 - 3.5kg Mini size Homogeneous prill for use on closely cut turf. Here


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