Turf professionals know that the most important factor ingrowing thick turf is a continuous supply of nitrogen throughout the growing season; but it has to be the right amount.

Insufficient nitrogen can reduce plant colour and vigor, whichmay lead to other problems, including disease, weeds and poor plant performance. Excessive nitrogen can over-stimulate growth, and might lead to stresses on turf with extra mowing and heavy clippings. NUTRALENE slow-release nitrogen provides just the right amount of “spoon-feeding” for turf.

CONTROLLED RELEASE: Greens Grade Micro Prill

Product Analysis Technology %CSR Rate Per100m2 Comment TechSheet

Greens King 18

18-0-19 Methylene Urea 55% 1.5 - 2.5 Kg A fine MU product with trace elements.Key
micronutrients have been added to supply a
complete package of nutrients.


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