FOAMFREE Foamfree is a no-toxic liquid defoamer, active against foam produced when mixing many amenity chemicals.
Prevent foam produced when tank mixing chemicals 150ml -300ml per 1000L water 1L & 5L
GUARD PRO Guard Pro is a sticker spreader, rainfast spray adjuvant. Enhance chemical uptake, reduce drift and protect against rainfall 100ml per 100L water 5L
INFLO XL Inflo XL is a wetting and dew control agent that contains new chemistry with a low application cost. Penetrating wetting agent and dew control. 1L to 1.5L/ha 1L
RADAR SPRAY INDICATOR DYE Radar is a non-toxic, temporary blue pattern indicator for use in Turf, agriculture and industrial applications. The bright blue colour shows exactly where liquid pesticides and fertilisers have been applied helping prevent skips and overlaps and aids in detecting spray drift.
All turf spraying applications. 500ml per 100L water. 5L & 20L
TANKSAFE Tanksafe is a liquid formulation of surfactants and neutralising agents for cleaning and decontaminating turf and agricultural spraying equipment. Cleaning and decontaminating spray equipment 1L per 200L water 5L
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